• Europe,  France

    Anthem of Bayonne

    Heading to the city center… people are already celebrating, promising another night of dancing and singing, drinking and cheering! There are several stages with different performances across the city center and we are heading to one. But it is very busy in here and through the crowds we make our way to the main stage. In order not to lose anyone, we hold the red scarf attached to the waist of the person in front of us and off we go following each other.  As we walk along, we greet the people passing by “OLÉÉÉ!” and we get back another greeting with a lifting of the hat or a glass half full!…

  • Europe,  France

    Fêtes de Bayonne

    I open my bag… What am I going to wear?! The colors don’t change much: white or… white! So white will be! I tie the red scarf on my waist and on my neck I put the small scarf that Aurelien gave me. Well, now I’m properly dressed to the party, let’s go!

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    Arrived in Bayonne!

    After 16h on the bus, without eating anything (I feel travel sick easily), I arrived in BAYONNE, south of France! The driver told me there was a change to the bus stop, as they had to close some streets because of the festivities in the city center. That’s ok, I thought, but I wasn’t expecting to be left on my own in the middle of a big roundabout, where I could only see big warehouses, well pretty much in the middle of nowhere, at 1:20am! The driver explains to me the way to my destiny – the train station in the city center where my friend is expecting me: “… It’s about 2km…