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    A Portuguese living in GLASGOW and a list of lessons

    Hey hey! It has been ONE YEAR living in GLASGOW. Where does the time go?! Here is a list of what it has taught me: 1 – There is no such thing as “couple of drinks” 2 – And “I only had a few drinks”, means you had 8! 3 – My heart is terrified of a deep fried Mars bar. 4 – Everybody loves beer, but no one really likes Tennent’s lager. 5 – Blootered, hammered, steamin’, plastered and just plain pished… all these words mean “drunk”. 6 – The winter lasts 355 days of the year. 7 – Off those 355, 15 days you don’t drive: you slide…

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    Venice in a Postcard

    My father cleans the tears after hugging my mum once again, and he turns to me and my sister with a big smile. I haven’t seen him in over 6 months: he was with his work, the Navy, doing the NATO.   He opens an envelope with a collection of postcards from the places he has been: “…and this one was my favorite city: Venice, in Italy”.  A little boat is reflected in the water, a man stands at the rear end of the boat holding a pad, he wears a hat with a red ribbon and a stripped jumper, very elegant, I thought. “In this city, the roads are rivers…

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    Iceland – Snorkeling between Tectonic Plates

    Hello!!! Here we are at the Thingvellir National Park again! This time we came with the Scuba Iceland Dive Team to dive in the lake, more precisely at the Silfra crack, where the melted glacier water joins the lake, a 50km journey through lava fields that gives this water an all year around temperature of 2 to 3ºC, no matter the water or the season of the year!!

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    Road Trip in Scotland – Sheep on the Road

    Day 2 The heat inside the tent wakes us up shortly after 7am… as we open the tent the sun blinds us briefly and as we regain our vision, we come across this amazing view: Wowww! There are no Midges! So it’s true, they don’t like the sun. We climb the mountain, following the sound of the water running and we end up finding the perfect place for a bath, well a sort of bath! With our bikini, towels and our nature-friendly-soap, here we go! The water is nicely cold and refreshes our body and soul. …………………………………….. After a lovely breakfast – picnic mode – we get back on the road with…