Brazil,  South America

Standing at the edge of the waterfall…

Standing at the edge of the waterfall and I give a step forward! All my body muscles tense up as if to hold me up in the air. The cold water is the least of my concerns right now as down the 33 meters waterfall there are only rocks.  Adrenaline warms up my arteries like water boiling in a kettle.

The rope tightens up around my waist and stops me from falling any further. With my legs straight, I stand at a 90º angle facing up. I was told how to control the rope with my right hand, but I am scared I might loosen it too quick and fall. After all, it is my first time doing abseiling. Slowly I loosen up the rope and take slow steps backwards, walking down the waterfall.

Cachoeira Veu da noiva abseiling 1 rapel abseiling 2 rapel 2Cachoeira Veu da Noiva 3abseiling 3

A feeling of achievement comes over me as I stand at the bottom of the waterfall. I’m actually proud of myself, now that I have done it, it doesn’t look that difficult! Ha!

Time to relax. You can’t really bath here as there isn’t a pool, but a 5 minute walk up the river there is one! However we just enjoyed our spot in the rocks and showering in the waterfall so much that we ended up having a pic-nic right here.



waterfall 2

The Véu da Noiva waterfall is outside a little colorful town called ‘Bonito’ in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. I thought it was very sweet how Bonito has it’s own version of Hollywood sign:

Bonito, pernambuco Brazil

Well, the day was over too quickly. Time always escapes from our hands when we are having fun! x

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