About me

“I haven’t been everywhere, but I’m on my way…”


I’m Andreia Leite, (pronounced almost as ‘light’ or more accurately as in ‘late’, although I prefer the first one.)

I am Portuguese and I was born and grew up in Seixal, a city just 15 minute drive to the beach, south of Lisbon’s river. All my school holidays were spent in the north of Portugal, with my 40 something cousins (big family!), playing hide & seek in the woods and helping my grandparents with the vineyards and wine making, which was a lot of fun!

If a tattoo could describe me, it would be my wee heart tattoo on my left ear: always listening to my heart.

My love for travel started when I was 6 years old as I would ask my father to take me with him in his navy ship to visit the places on the postcards he brought home. When I was at University, I spent 3 months in Denmark doing Erasmus and that’s when I started a blog to share my adventures with my friends and family. After graduating I moved to London, then I followed my heart to Glasgow and recently I moved to Belfast, in Northern Ireland.

I am an Accident and Emergency Nurse and I get to travel relatively often as I am lucky to have a contract where I can make up my hours! I have visited 37 countries so far (not that I am counting… because I am!) and I hope to reach 100 someday!

Beside my interest in travel writing and photography, I’m a crepes expert, I play the ukulele, I sip on an uncountable number of chai lattes, I melt upon the sight of ice-cream and I sew (very cute) little travel pouches (that will soon be available to sell on here – subscribe or something to be the first to know!)

My life motto: “Don’t do to the others, what you wouldn’t like done to yourself.”
Share kindness everyday and watch before your eyes how to World delivers it back to you.

With love,


By the way, I have a thing for maps… so here is where I have been so far:


  • Noleen Osborne

    Hello lovely, great website!! Love following your stories and I love my travel pouch.

    Keep travelling and come visit IRELAND and you won’t want to ever leave!

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