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48 Hours in Istanbul – Photo Gallery

With 48 hours to explore such a big city, I opted to only focus on one side of Istanbul, the southwest of Bosphurus river.

And this side was bustling with various things to indulge myself in. From the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia to the old Jewish colorful neighborhood of Balat, going by the subterraneous labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar, I walked everywhere. Turkish delights added a sweetness to my wanderlust, while roasted chestnuts and the typical chewy ice-cream, known as dondurma, kept me company while “people watching”.

Istanbul was a delight to explore and photograph.


But if it’s a rooftop you are looking for in Istanbul, read this:

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  • Delinete

    Beautiful pictures Andreia!
    This is a magical place, stunning and steeped in history. You might end up coming back for more… and if you do, I think you will find the Florence Nightingale’s museum particularly exciting, especially after 7CLE.
    Let me know, I might have something for you;)

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