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Arrived in Bayonne!

After 16h on the bus, without eating anything (I feel travel sick easily), I arrived in BAYONNE, south of France!

The driver told me there was a change to the bus stop, as they had to close some streets because of the festivities in the city center. That’s ok, I thought, but I wasn’t expecting to be left on my own in the middle of a big roundabout, where I could only see big warehouses, well pretty much in the middle of nowhere, at 1:20am!

The driver explains to me the way to my destiny – the train station in the city center where my friend is expecting me: “… It’s about 2km Miss, that direction, can you see further down that blue panel?, you turn right there…


My friend doesn’t pick up his mobile phone, I can’t see any taxis around and I don’t even know the number to call for one! But I have to do something!

I start walking and suddenly there is a car approaching the roundabout:
With my hands in the air I shout: “WAIT WAIT! Sorry, where are you going?”
And I was lucky to hear as an answer:
“To the train station, but we are lost!”

Inside me a feeling of wow! I told them I knew the way and asked them for a ride!
Few seconds later I was in the car of this couple from Czech Republic, who were arguing a lot in between them speaking in their own language.

10 minutes later I was in the meeting point and my friend is awaiting me!

There is a party spirit in every single street and the adventure just begun.. la Fêtes de Bayonne!


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  • Aurélien Gadenne

    Happy you didn't reveal the name which's associated to “My friend” who didn't pick up his phone. What a crazy adventure these “Fêtes de Bayonne”. You're afraid of bulls even on postcards. I can't imagine how you would react by seeing them for real !

    By the way, why didn't you write an article about the travel from Bayonne to home ? Maybe because it was the worst ever ?! Or you were too tired to remember anything and take pictures of the trip !

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