Brazil,  South America

From Recife to Olinda…

From Recife to Olinda it is only a short drive away. The people from Recife say “what Olinda has best is the view over Recife“. In matter of fact the view is awesome but the colonial town has much of it’s own personality and a strong portuguese influence in the architecture of the houses and churches.

Alto da Sé is Olinda’s main square, located on the crest of the town’s highest hill and here is where we set base to explore the surroundings…

Olinda 2 Olinda 3 Olinda 4 Olinda 6 Olinda 5 Olinda 7 Olinda 8 Olinda 10

Olinda also hosts one of the most famous Carnival celebrations of Brazil, dancing away colorfully dressed in the rhythm of frevo and maracatu. 

Well, before leaving Olinda, if you find yourself hungry, pick a food stall and go for TAPIOCA! It looks like a white pancake but the name means house bread, made of manioca flour, it is so delicious and healthy. I went for the typical one: coconut and cheese, but you can find a great variety of fillings, ranging from salty to sweet ones. (During my 3 weeks in Brazil, I ate tapioca pretty much everyday, for breakfast, as a snack, as a meal and just because I absolutely love it!)

Olinda 9

Olinda e Tapioca

Olinda, it was a pleasure meeting you! x

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