Africa,  Malawi

Horse Riding in Lake Malawi

Meet Alfie, he lives in a horse farm that is also a yoga retreat in Kande, a small village located by the lake Malawi.

Before the sun was in full swing, we went for a ride through the outskirts of Kande village.Now I have to admit that I don’t know how to horseride, but I had a volunteer from Kande Horse Farm leading Alfie the majority of the time and giving me tips to bound with Alfie.

Alfie was such a sweetheart but he also gave me a “kick of adrenaline”… when me and Alfie were posing alone for a photo in the forest, he decided to switch to a gallop pace! All I could think was that I was never going to be able to stop him and would end up lost! But we made it to the lake… and there Alfie didn’t want to ever leave and neither did I!

Many thanks to Kande Horse for this experience. If interested in volunteering with them or to simply book a ride or a stay with them, visit their page here.

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