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MOSHI TRAIN STATION – Where Time Stopped

“Moshi has a train station?! But there are no trains here!”

2 weeks into my time in Moshi, a town in the north of Tanzania, I found out about the existence of a train station. And as it has turned out, it became my favorite place in Moshi. With the sumptuous Kilimanjaro as a backdrop, it is a place to sit in peace, a place where time stopped and where instead of people “watching time pass”, it is the Time that observes the people passing by and the goats eating the grass that grows in between the unused train rail.

The train station was built in 1911 as part of the first railway in what was then known as German East Africa (composed by Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi). As time went on, the railway became less and less used until it completely stopped around the 90’s.

Nowadays there is a little cafe serving hot drinks with plastic chairs in the platforms. To me, it was the perfect spot in Moshi to witness the quaint train station change into different illuminated shades of orange during the golden hour and join Time watching the people walking pass.


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