Notes from the Road


It’s 6.40am, time to takeoff!

This has always been my favorite part of travelling by plane: no matter where I am going, I am going to fly!

The airplane get’s ready, facing the long large road and it is now speeding. I like to push myself forward to feel the gravity pulling my body against the seat!

Faster, faster and faster… I feel those butterflies in my tummy, an emptiness under my seat, the airplane leans  (and there is this brief moment where I always think the airplane is going to touch the floor while it is leaning up – it’s silly I know). I can see the ground moving away, the houses getting smaller and the city lights fill up the little window of the plane… we are finally flying 🙂

I love travelling by dawn.The skies change color so quickly, like an exhibition.

If beneath the clouds it’s still dark night, with the first autumn rain washing the city, above them stands a fresh combination of blues layered from the darkest to the lightest, more and more intensified towards the horizon.

One more day about to start and already promising.

I grab the book I’m reading, without missing a minute of this wonderful natural phenomenon that wakes up the World every day: the sunrise!

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