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A year ago today (I moved to London)…

After almost 1h in the underground from the airport till the city center of London, I realized how little I know about this city! Between buying the one way flight ticket on an impulse and landing in the lands of Her Majesty, it has only passed 1 week. The only research I’ve done was about finding a nursing job and a room to rent.

In my suitcase I have the papers to take to the Nursing Council, the directions of how to get to the hostel and the hope to start a new life.

LONDON 2A voice reports the next stop is PICCADILLY CIRCUS, my final destination.

Out of the underground, I follow the instructions written in this little paper “Follow Exit 1”,  straight into this little street and after the theatre I find the Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel.

Check-in, drop the bags in the 6 beds dormitory, grab the curriculums to go out in the streets looking for a job: the first of my life! I need a job to pay for rent while I wait my nursing papers to legalize me to work in UK, it can take a few months.

Time is precious, but while passing the entrance of the hostel, the security starts chatting, but “I’m sorry, I have to go now, I need to find a job!”

Life is funny and full of interesting coincidences, but the one who looked like was delaying me from going out delivering my CV’s, told me in his spanish accent “they are looking for someone to work here at the reception, go there and give them your CV“. And so I did.

The next hours are spent delivering CV’s in the shops and restaurants around there.

Piccadilly CircusThe night came quickly and it isn’t too late to visit the BIG BEN ringing the bells for midnight. I jump in a bus they say it stops there. It’s 23h45m, I’m surprised how the bus is so full.

Now standing in this large bridge, ahead is the majestic clock, that softly starts counting down the last minutes of another day, the first day of many yet to come.

And so I started the job 3 days later as a receptionist for the Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel. 🙂


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