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Tapas in Santiago de Compostela

10 am, just arrived in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, in the north of Spain! 
After completing 101 rounds to the big University Campus (no, I’m not exaggerating!) we found a place to park the car.
I have been looking forward to this trip, the start of the summer (London’s sun hasn’t been very generous lately). It’s such a beautiful day! The sun is shining… owh but it is still cold! Jackets will have to stay on!

Santiago de Compostela streets

Santiago de Compostela 1

My friend Nuria is guiding me through the old streets of the city, lined by a mixed of houses made of stones or painted white. The old lady at the window waters the red flowers hanging on the little balcony. The city is actually quite small…but every corner has history printed in the statues that have been placed there. 

 Santiago de Compostela 3Santiago de Compostelapilmgrim
We arrived at Santiago de Compostela’s Cathedral, the destiny of thousand pilgrims who walk hundred/thousand kilometers through the different ways of St. James to visit the apostle Saint James (Santiago), where tradition has it that the remais of the apostle are buried here (in spanish the paths are known as  El Camino de Santiago) . 

The Cathedral is huge, magestic and culturally elegant!

There is a man welcoming the visitors of the Cathedral. He is dressed with the typical pilgrim uniform and with the traditional pilgrims accessories, the shell.
From everywhere there are travelers who just arrived: some walking and others by bike, some big groups, some are alone in this journey. It feels good to watch their expressions of happiness and relief for finally arriving at the destiny!  

Santiago de Compostela pilmgrim

Keep on exploring the city, we found THE Tree that decides for you. People from Santiago say “everybody should ask this tree before going to university!
The rules are simple: turn your back to the tree, no peeking, you should point your finger randomly at the tree. The course that you get should be the one to study! 

Santiago de Compostela 6Me and Nuria tried this out, but seriously, I don’t think I was cut out to do Mathematics!
The sun is starting to warm us and after so much walking around, we decide to look for a place to sit, relax and drink a fresh beer. 

When we ask for drinks, they always bring TAPAS, a mix of food to snack, which is always a surprise what is going to be served as it changes between establishments: some tortilhas, some bocadilhos, peanuts, crisps,… 


And here we stay for a bit longer, enjoying a good evening talking and tasting the second day of the summer!

Better than traveling is traveling with friends!

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