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Laugavegur Hiking Trail – Last Day

Good morning!

Breakfast time (yeyyy! -.-‘): oats with hot water, but this time the Russian boys have cinnamon to add on to this mixture. And… wait for it…. aaah it is so much tastier!
If I only would have known it earlier…
Leaving the huts

So, today is the last day of this hiking trail… we only have left 15km till the last hut! wwoo hooo!
As we are lucky girls we have our sleeping bags and the tent taken in the truck of another Icelandic guide. He explained that he won’t stay in same hut as us… but it is only 3km away from each other… so we thought it is just 3km, so not a big deal after all the kilometers we have done…, right?!

Even lighter with less food, here we go!

Laugavegur Trail

50 minutes later we come to a part where it is going down so steep that we need to use a rope to hold on to… we pass a bridge and start climbing up!

 Laugavegur Hiking Trail - last day



Another hour gone and we are hungry! We decide to stop in the top of this little mountain for lunch. The view is amazing! Ohh look, the Russian boys are catching us. They decided to stay longer in the previous hut, but they clearly walk quicker then us. So we have lunch together 🙂

Laugavegur trail

Laugavegur Hiking Trail, iceland
After a nice break, we are back on the track… after a while the boys are further ahead of us, so it’s again just me and Verena.

Laugavegur trail

Laugavegur Hiking Trail - last dayThe weather has been so nice today, it’s actually getting warmer!!!

While we are just taking our time enjoying the view and taking some pictures, we are approached by a group of american friends. They are all traveling to Iceland to celebrate the birthday of one of the girls. We had a nice chat and ended up taking a group picture 🙂

Back on the path, the sun is tiring us. And 1 hour later we decide to take a break and rest. Some people even take one hour break, in the end there is no rush and we must enjoy this sun!

Laugavegur Trail

Iceland 2Iceland 1
Laugavegur trail 2the world at my feet

Laugavegur trail 3Laugavegur trail

Back on walking we still have a river to cross, the last one! This time me and Verena do the crossing together… and it is so much easier with someone to hold on to! We should have done it from the first river!

Laugavegur trail - river crossingLaugavegur trail - river cross in

We were told that near the end we were going to walk in a forest… trees are not very abundant in this area of Iceland! So we were happy to find such a different landscape in here.

Near the end means another hour to walk. And finally that feeling again… our hut is just there!!! We did it! 😀 8 hours gone since we left the previous hut today.

And what a cute hut! In Þórsmörk (Thórsmörk) there are 3 huts, 2 or 3 km from each other, we stayed in the middle one, in Langidalur.  Right now we are so tired and hungry, we just want to eat something and get in bed, but we need to pick up our sleeping bags. Our sleeping bags were taken to the Básar Huts, 3km away from here. Which means we still have to walk 6 km before we can go to sleep. Ok, maybe it wasn’t a good idea.

Thórsmörk Hut
Thórsmörk Hut
Thórsmörk Hut
Thórsmörk Hut

There is a big Belgium group in the living room having dinner, and when they find out we were having only pasta and pesto (all we had left apart from oats) they share their fish with us! Delicious! And we even get a desert with pear and chocolate sauce.

It’s 22h45m, time to be back on the way to get our sleeping bags back.

All the way is done in this tiring ground, full of little rocks, where in times of heavy rain it gets flooded and many vehicles have been stuck. At some point we have to cross the river Krossa, we were told to not attempt to cross until we would find the bridge on this picture, funny bridge! 🙂 And the Basar Huts are just on the other side of the bridge.


Thórsmörk river crossing
River Krossa bridge

Laugavegur Hiking Trail - last daySo 45 minutes walking, we find the huts and the icelandic guide and our sleeping bags, and he shares his desert with us 😀

He explained to us all about the surrounding area: the volcano Eyjafjallajökull locates just about 2-3 hours climbing up around 1000 meters from where we are, is the one who erupted in the winter of 2010, causing the closure of airspace over many parts of Europe. It is covered in ice and when it erupted it caused floods of melted ice and lava.

It is already half midnight, we need to get back to our huts and sleep. 
And there are no words to describe the color of the sky at 1am…. a beautiful blue is projected in the river, and lights our way back -this is as dark it will get tonight. 
Thórsmörk - Laugavegur Trail
Thórsmörk – Laugavegur Trail
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Thórsmörk HutThe following morning we wake up after 10 am and most people already left the hut!

We only have bus at 4pm from Husádalur Huts back to Reykjavik, so we slowly pack and walk another 3km to this huts where they have a restaurant, we get a nice lunch and wait for the bus. This marks the end of the Laugavegur Hiking Trail .

The trip on the bus started with the crossing of river Krossa. I was impressed how deep it can go!!! Look the horses crossing! Woww!

Horses crossing River

After a while we did a quick 10 minutes stop at the Seljalandsfoss, it is so impressive, and people can go behind the  waterfall!


3h30 minutes later we arrive in Reykjavik, feeling exhausted we look for our hostel and after 1 hour under the shower I fall as quick as those waters into sleep.

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