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Murano, Burano and Torcello

We bought the excursion tickets from our reception hotel and later we found out we could have just taken a bus-boat, but well, here we go to the islands!
The first island is Murano, the island of glass, well has a glass fabric. There is a little demonstration on how it is all done and then we are taken to a glass shop. I was disappointed because we didn’t get to walk around the island, so I don’t really know if there is much to see.
As the boat approaches the second island, Burano, my eyes must have looked like a cartoon – wide open! The island is so colorful! We are given 30 minutes to walk around and I wish I could have had more. I am in love with the colors of this island… the houses are so cute! I haven’t left and I already want to come back!!!


BuranoBurano Burano blue house
TorcelloBut it’s time to go to the third island… Torcello. Another 30 minutes to explore the island… but there isn’t much to see, well a few ruins, and an old church.
In the end it was a good day, but I would have skipped the first stop and stayed for hours capturing the colors of Burano.
Back on the boat to go back to Venice.
The sun sets as we approach the harbor, and the city lights make it look even prettier.

And it’s time to say goodbye Venice, I’m enchanted by your beauty and surrealist way of living. 


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