Europe,  Italy

Venice, a ride on the Gondola

My parents don’t speak English… but when it comes to negotiate the prices my mum speaks the international language… the body language! And she just walks away… we look at each other, we know what that means – we follow her.


100 euros for a 20 minutes Gondola ride is a “let’s esturpate this tourists” bit too expensive. So my mum counts slowly 1…2…3! And we hear “Senhora!” The man nearly running after us…
He says “Eighty?” I translate to my mum… “Oitenta.” My mum looks at him pretending to consider, pretends to hesitate and say “Okay”. – She is the best!!! That’s the price she wanted to pay from the beginning!

bd465-dsc05194So here we go, one by one slowly boarding this skinny boat… and the man holding the pad takes us to the middle of the busy canal, then through little canals and under little bridges.

Gondola ride
Gondola Ride
…and back on the main canal and end of this cute trip.

It’s a cliché, but quite fun to get a different perspective of the “streets” and a to do experience scratched from the list. It feels so good to scratch!

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