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Copenhagen, March 19th, 2010

Hello World’s Greatest Dad!

I’m 2500 km far from home but I have you in my heart.
Today, to celebrate the portuguese Father’s Day, I’m taking my heart for a walk in Nyhavn, my favourite place in Copenhagen.

Nyhavn blog
This harbor was built in 1673, as a gateway from the sea to Kongens Nytorv Square, a famous place among rich people and merchants to exchange the goods.

It was also notorious for prostitution, so many of the actual restaurants were old brothels.

But this place is so beautiful, dad!, I’m walking down the harbor and on my left it is lined by this brightly coloured townhouses, bars and restaurants with delicious menus inviting to get in. On my right hand side it’s the canal, no longer frozen, with big boats moored here, some for tourism, others for fishing…

In the end of the canal there is an old anchor, for the memory of the Danish sailors who died in the II World War.
Today, for me, this anchor reminds me of you dad: a great Marine and an excellent father you are!

The Father’s Day is everyday, because everyday you’re the best Father in the World. And I want you to know, in every journey I make, I always take you in my heart!

With love,
(Forever) Your Little Girl *



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