Denmark,  Europe


I look out the window, the little white flakes rush down to the street, covering the roads with a fluffy blanket of snow… It’s -3ºC and I’m living in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, for the next 3 months!

danish kroneAt the airport, when we exchanged the euros, my first thought was: “I just been robbed: I gave the woman euros and she gave me back some paper with numbers (that I do not recognize as money) and a few coins with a hole in the middle

But the truth is these coins shaped like donuts worked to buy the transport tickets to get to the flat where I am staying and the shopping for the week.
CopenhagenI fell in love immediately with this city, its colorful architecture, loads of bicycles and cosy coffee shops! 
But – very important, – can also be dangerous!… if you don’t respect the bicycles! The cyclists can become very angry if you ever step in the bike path..
And suddenly I heard the sound of this bicycle bell triiimm trimmm:
HEY?! #8?!@#$%98%!!
– Oups, I’m sorry!!
Just learnt the first lesson: so better never cross on their way!
Today it’s the last day of the first week of classes here, so far we visited a few Nursing Homes and learnt about their projects – quite interesting! Also, I find quite cute that even the postman goes around on a bike: 
the postman in denmark
We are starting danish classes next week, which I’m very looking forward!
I’ll leave you with one more picture:
my street
and my humble flat.
P.S. Ana, the hat you gave me has been very useful!
P.S.S. I am still learning how to say the name of my street…

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