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The Sunniest Town in Germany – Freiburg

May I present you the sunniest town in Germany: FREIBURG.

Sun is out, no doubt! Not internationally famous, but the city of choice for many Germans who look for a sunnier place to live in the land of the Sausage’s!

Freiburg is located in the south-west corner of Germany. 1 hour drive to Basel-international airport and only a couple of hours drive from the northern Switzerland mountains and the quaint towns of the French east side.

Since I was visiting a friend, I had no expectations, nor was I prepared to what Freiburg had to present. Colourful streets were filled with the buzz of a student’s town life, where cars share the roads with tramways and lots and lots of bicycles! On the many sunny days, the Germans gather in cafe-rimmed plazas or go for picnics at the many parks.




1 – Panoramic View at Schlossberg

From downtown it is possible to climb up a 456 metre hill. Stop at the beer garden on the way up to the top for a cold drink and be amazed by a near 360º city-view. In 3 days I spent in Freiburg, I came here twice. It is just the perfect place to have an overview of this town surrounded by the Black Forest.

This is also the start of some popular long walks such as to St Peter (17km) and Kandel (25km).

2 – Hang on Wiwili Bridge

(Cute name, right?!) You can literally walk up the metal sides of Wiwili Bridge and sit at the top to watch sunset or just relax. The locals love it and so did I! Not sure if there is a way to explain it better but it actually felt like being a teenager again, if you know what I mean!


3 – Visit Todtnau Waterfall

Located in the Southern Black Forest, 30km south of Freiburg. The Todtnau Waterfall is 97 meters high and is surrounded by the never-ending green pine forests. It was just lovely to submerge my thoughts in the waterfall and I would have submerged my head too, if it wasn’t so cold.

I’m missing the pretzel bread already! Until next time Germany. 🙂

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