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Moulin Rouge

It’s getting dark and after another adventure in the underground of Paris, we come out to the streets to be welcomed with fluorescent colors, appealing, twinkling slogans in the shops that we can read: SEX STORE, CRAZY SEXY TOYS, FANTASY… 

Sex shopSex shops
So we are in a street that sells sex(y) entertainment, inviting people to watch their cabaret shows!

And further down the street, the windmill on a roof, with a very glamorous entrance: it’s the MOULIN ROUGE!

Moulin RougeMoulin RougeCreated in 1889, was scenery for great shows of the Cancan dances and stage for many stars, such as Edith Piaf.

The prices vary from 100 to 120€ per person to watch the show. If you add dinner it can go up to 200€!

Well, I’m going to have to skip it this time, but surely I want to come back and have a peak at their show.

Here is the official website:

Moulin Rouge Official Website 

Moulin Rouge Oficial WebSite

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